Backyard Jam Finals ’19 gallery

Saturday 7th December was the final of the Backyard Jam Am series at Adrenaline Alley with the riders that had qualified from the previous stops followed by the pro-competition on Sunday 8th. The top 3 in each competition were:

The Am street:

  1. Kris Bunnage
  2. Alex Pindard-Baden
  3. Stuart Chisholm

The Am park:

  1. Dylan Hessey
  2. Ash Finlay
  3. Jack Hobson

Women’s final:

  1. Sasha Pardoe
  2. Kayley Ashworth
  3. Jay Lewis

Pro final:

  1. Alex Coleborn
  2. Ben Wallace
  3. Jack Clark

Pro Street:

  1. Courage Adams
  2. Joe Jarvis
  3. Matt Ray


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